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- It regenerates skin, cells and cellular tissue of the stomach, small intestines and restores their functions. It rejuvenates cells, tissues, and organs in the body. Its principle is based on stem cell regeneration.
- Reduce blood pressure
-  Increases heart health
- Manages Anxiety and depression
- Protects infant health, boost dental health
- Prevent cancer and it rejuvenates
- Improves the digestive process & lowers inflammation
- Can be mixed with hair cream to help eliminate any of  the pathogens or foreign bodies that can attack your scalp or hair, helps to darken hair color and also eliminates hair loss
- Helps treat ulcer without leaving any internal scars
- Improves function of gastro intestinal tract
- It relieves constipation and eliminates boils
- It treats both internal/external wounds and alleviates pain.
- It eliminate oral sores and heals swollen gums

PRICE: N 16,000

- Preserves nutrients in cooked foods.
- May lower cholesterol,
- Reduce the chances of growth of cancer cells.
- Reduce excess oil consumed from cooked food,
- Cut down expenses on oil by 80%.
-  Suitable for all and especially elderly people and people suffering from cardiovascular diseases

PRICE: N44, 000

- Alleviates eye fatigue and returns clear and shining eyes.
- Good for diabetic patients.
- Can cure eye diseases like blurred vision.
- Prevents sight loss, blindness, macular degeneration and retinitis.
- Protects eyes from light hurt.
- Protects and promotes vision.
- Can eliminate cataracts, glaucoma and myopia (testimony-based).

PRICE: N 12, 000

- It helps to detoxify five major organs in the body including kidney,liver, lungs, heart and spleen.
- Rejuvenates the body and enhances general health
- Recommended for; obesity, constipation, breast hyperplasia, uterine fibroids, ovarian cysts,poor sleep and fatigue.

Not recommended for individuals below the age of 18 and above 68 and women during pregnancy,lactation and menstruation.

PRICE: N 296, 000

- Lose weight naturally
- Elevates fat burning process in the body
- Prevents binge eating & snacking
- Filling, nutritious and light weight
- Reduces fat (adipose tissues)
- Increased energy levels
- No genetically modified ingredients
-  No preservatives added

PRICE: N 9, 200

- It helps to remove toxins from the body during menstruation.
 - The bottom layer is made of highly resistant & air permeable materials that prevent leakage and effectively reduce damp and closeness between napkin & skin.
-  The anion prolongs life, accelerates blood circulation, enhances the vitality of the cells, speeds up discharge of toxins during periods,increases bio-enzymes in the virginal and helps to raise the acidity of the secretions.
- It relieves menstrual pain and preserves health
- It contains anti- bacterial and anti- inflammatory components.
- Eliminates odour, and helps relieve stress.
- Energizes the body.
- It promotes metabolism.

PRICE: N 1,600

-Suitable for those who  work at the desk for a long time, have poor blood circulation and get soreness, pain and numbness in lumber vertebra and cervical vertebra.
- Anti radiation accessory
- Made of Titanium steel and magnet
- Very durable , Doesn't fade
- Instant energy
- Aids blood circulation in the body and mental clarity

Unsuitable for those;
in the period of chemo-treatment or surgery recovery, implanted devices like cardiac pacemaker, have obvious wound on the wrist where the bracelet is worn or pregnant.
Take off the bracelet when bathing or putting hands into any liquid to ensure the longevity of the functional particles.

PRICE: N 28, 000

- Removes tough stains.
- Friendly on all clothes.
- Contains anti bacterial properties to help kill germs.
- Does not bleach clothes.
- Alkaline balance.

PRICE: N 2, 800

- It helps to remove tough stain on your teeth from smoke, coffee and tea.
 - It gives a 24 hour prevention from various of oral germs It protects oral mucosa.
 - It contains propolis, an ingredient that helps to kill bacteria, oral cancer cells.
- It protects injured teeth.
- Anti-Bacteria

PRICE: N 4, 000

- Fluorine-free formula, rich in sorbitol, calcium and phosphate and contains mint flavour.
- Whitens and strengthens teeth.
- Eliminates mouth odour and bad breath.
- Protects gum and strengthens tooth enamel.
- Protects the cavity and removes dental plaque.
- It contains anti pain killing properties and stops gum bleeding.

PRICE: N 1, 400

Our new wonder product. A natural antibiotic, an immune booster and also improves function of all organs. This is not just the regular Cordyceps Sinensis. This is combined with Ginseng. You can't beat that  :)

PRICE: N12, 000

- Repairs damaged muscles, ease blood sugar and cholesterol.
- Scavanging free radicals, restore the vigor of cell, postpone senility.
- improve memory, good effects on brain, improve eyesight.
- Accelerates the decomposition of alcohol, reduce the harm it causes.
- help to produce blood, improve anemia, avoid the aggregation of platelets.
- Improve digestive system and chronic intestinal disease.
- Remarkable improvement to disease like rheumatism, rheumtoid, diabetes.
- Prevent disease like high blood pressure, hyperlipidemia, hypergilcemia, thrombus, arteriosclerosis, heart disease, sexual disorder, antioxidant, antifatigue, anti-aging, antiviral and improve the immunity.
- Help to repair the cell, improve its metabolism, prevent cell degeneration, anti-cancer function.

PRICE: N16, 000

Propolis-Lecithin Capsules is an anti-oxidation supplement. Other health benefits of Propolis-Lecithin Capsules include:
- Improves immunity
- Protects liver and brain
- Suppresses tumors
- Lowers blood pressure
- Promotes tissue regeneration
- Has the ability to strengthen drug effect
- Treats bone disease and allergies
- Propolis kills bacteria

When combined with Hypoglycemic Herbal Capsules, it is effectively used for liver protection and treatment.

Main Ingredients:Propolis extract (six, four, one by one) Lecithin (protecting liver and brain)
Tocopherol (dissolving agent for lipophilic substance)
Propolis-Lecithin Capsules is commonly used as:





PRICE: N8, 000

- Promotes blood circulation.
 - Purifies the blood by increasing alkalinity and balancing the ratio of certain minerals in the blood.
- Kills 99.9% bacteria through the embedded negative ion strip.
- Energizes and helps shrink tumours.
- Promotes oxygen supply to the womb.

PRICE: N 2, 000

Composition and effect: This product is a health food mainly made up of Ginseng extract, Wolfberry extract, tomato red, zinc gluconate, folic acid, beewax, soybean oil, gelatin, glycerin, water, titanium dioxide and bright blue.

Animal functional test proves that the product has the health function of strengthening immunity.
Immune Vital Capsules is formulated for
- Energy Recovery and to strengthen Male Vigor.
- Lowers blood sugar and cholesterol level
- Helps in stimulating physical and mental activity among people who are weak and tired.
- Improves thinking ability and cognitivity.
- Anti-inflammatory effects.
- Cancer prevention.
- Erectile dysfunction and controlling diabetes
- Protection of brain cells
- Free radicals and scavenging
- Improves sleep quality
- Increase semen and sperm quality
- Vision improvement

PRICE: N 15, 000

- Prevention and treatment of scurvy
- Natural anti-aging.
suitable for people with irregular period.
- Can prevent prostrate cancer by hindering cell growth.
- A good source of omega-3 fatty acid which reduces the risk of a heart disease and osteoporosis.
- Contains antioxidant properties which protects the cadio vascular system from oxidizing (bad) cholesterol.
- Prevents breast cancer by blocking the cancer causing effects of human estrogen.
- Supports skin elasticity and healthy cell growth and combats stroke
- Can cure cataracts
- Healing wounds and controlling the symptoms of asthma
- Helps retroviral patients (HIV)
- Boosting the immune system, lowering hypertension

PRICE: N13, 000

- Prevents and treats scurvy and common cold.
- Boosts the immune system and lowers hypertension.
- Cures cataracts.
- Treatment of cancer.
- Combats stroke and maintains elasticity of the skin ‘Healing wounds and controlling the symptoms of asthma.

PRICE: N 13, 500

- Important minerals the body needs to produce red blood cells and keep one in good health
- Strengthens body resistivity
- Used to prevent asteaparasis, rheumatoid joint pain, asthma, epilepsy
- Builds strong bones
- Nurtures brain cells and improves life quality
- Treats high phosphate level in patients with kidney disease.

PRICE: N 14, 000

Hypoglycemic Herbal Capsules is used for
 - Auxiliary protective function for chemical liver injury.
- It supplies the liver  the key micro nutrients it needs for stability and optimal functioning.

Three key constituents of Hypoglycemic Herbal Capsules are L-cysteine, Soy lecithin and Pueraria Lobata Extract among others.

Hypoglycemic Herbal Capsules is used for auxiliary protective function for chemical liver injury. It supplies the liver  the key micro nutrients it needs for stability and optimal functioning.

PRICE: N 15, 000

- It prevents skin damage
- It removes wrinkles, fine lines and pimples
- Corrects your complexion and gives you a radiating youthful facial skin
-  It brings about soft and supple skin and it’s made of herbal essences (100% Natural)
- Helps to retain moisture on the skin and thus nourishes dry skin.
- Firms your skin and smooth line
- It nourishes your skin from within

PRICE: N 14, 400

- Lowers blood sugar and cholesterol levels
- Good for the heart
- Improves insulin sensitivity and enhances protein metabolism
- Benefits people with impaired glucose tolerance and type 2 diabetes
- Reduction in cancer

PRICE: N 15, 500

-Effective calcium and zinc supplement for children.

PRICE: N 10, 000

14 Reasons To Drink Water from Norland Alkaline energy cup

1. Alkaline Water is a principal source of energy
2. Alkaline water prevents the formation of kidney stones!
3. Alkaline Water - the most mild laxative, and the best remedy for constipation.
4. Alkaline Water helps reduce the risk of heart attacks and strokes.
5. Alkaline water restores sleep.
6. Alkaline Water makes the skin smoother, allowing you to reduce the effects of aging.
7. Alkaline Water helps prevent glaucoma
8. Alkaline water significantly improves the immune and prevents oncological diseases
9. Dehydration - the cause of toxic deposits in the body. Alkaline water clears these deposits.
10. Alkaline Water - the main lubricant in the joints, prevents arthritis and back pain.
11. Alkaline Water helps get rid of bad habits, including a craving for caffeine, alcohol and drugs.
12. Alkaline Water helps prevent memory loss in aging, reduce the risk of Alzheimer's disease, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson's disease and Lou Gehrig
13. Water Alkaline additionaly protect DNA from damage and increases the efficiency of its repair mechanisms - it reduces the number of anomalies in the DNA.
14. Alkaline Water - the best way to reduce weight.

Popular adage says prevention is better than cure. Every person under the surface of the earth needs this as we all drink water daily

NGN 24,000

- Natural barrier against aging
- Anti cancer
- Anti mutation
- Prevents and treats tumors
- Utilizes vitamin A, treats night blindness, helps infant growth
- Cures dry eyes, Cataract
- Helps urinary tract stones
- Protects skin

PRICE: N13, 000


China is the origin of tea culture. Tea has a history of 5,000 years in China.

As ancients saying goes tea is a catholicon for all ills, people will have everything to gain and nothing to lose.


Three in One

- To refresh mind

- Nurse health

- Prolong life


Health benefits

1. Prolong life

2. Coordinating intestines and stomach

3. Losing weight and sliming

4. Preventing cancer

5. Adjusting three high.


KUDING TEA is good for

- fatigable people

- slimming needed people

- three-high people

- beauty desired people

- people in sub-health

- advanced age people



- health preserving tea

- ageing preventing tea

- hairdressing tea

- slimming tea

- blood pressure reducing tea


Ingredients and functions



The modern clinic investigation showed us that KUDING tea could remove heat and clear toxin, diminish inflammation and kill bacteria, stop coughing and remove phiegm, strengthen the function of stomach and increase digest, refresh people's mind, defend cancer, decrease blood pressure, hemoglobin and cholesterol. It is a kind of natural and multifunctional refreshment.



Dark tea can significantly help to Antioxidant, reduce blood pressure, reduce blood fatness, reduce blood sugar. It helps with diuretic detoxification, anti-radiation, diminish inflammation.



Reduce heart fire, spleen fire and lung fire, clear heat and refresh mind, lower blood pressure, promote diuresis.

PRICE: N 3,200

NOURIPAD Series of Products, Wuqing Nourishing Health pantyliner for ladies only and Wuqing
Men Care pantyliner for men use only, perfectly combines energy detoxification and herbal
maintenance, and ushers in a new era of reproductive health.

Nouripad Wuqing Health Care Pad is made with 100% cotton, functional chip, absorbent paper, breathable film.

 It is clean, healthy, comfortable, strong and assurance.


It is the pride and joy of man to protect and keep in great health his most treasured organ. The male health pad contains geo ion, fa infra red, biomagnetic energy, Anion and herbal extracts that undergo deep cell detoxification in the male. The sister product, the women health pad consists of a variant combination which is good for the female. Partners /couples can indulge the use of this product to cure and prevent a wide range of ailments and remain in health. Here are guaranteed functions of the male health pad

. Treats impotency
. Improves erectile function
. Naturally energizes and restores low libido with no side or after effects
. Enhances the function of the spleen, liver and kidney channels. To treat acute diarrhea, eczema, asthma, hepatitis B, tonsillitis and insomnia
. Ensures prostate health. Prevents and cures prostate issues
. Enhances the functions of the bladder, liver, heart, large intestine and small intestine channels.
. Treat heart function. By improving cardiac function
. Prevent weight gain
. Effectively delay or prevent the onset of age related cognitive degeneration
. Anti anxiety effect
. Normalizes blood pressure
. Boost sexual energies and helps in healing various diseases
. Enhancing joy in marital life
. Counteract bad effects
. Removes toxins
. It helps the nervous system. Improves blood circulation
. Prevent coagulation of cholesterol and enhances the immune system function
. Improves muscle growth, burn fat, reduce fatigue, increase mental focus, improve recovery, reduce muscle soreness and improves performance in sport

PRICE: N 35, 000